Wednesday November 25, 2015

Saturday December 07, 2013

“A mighty force”: Mad Mel Arena on Team Australia and the 2014 world cup


The squad for Team Australia has been selected, one year in advance of the Blood & Thunder World Cup. Now the hard work begins!

RDAU‘s The Cleaner caught up with popular skater Mad Mel Arena of VRDL for her thoughts on playing for Australia and the upcoming event in general. Of primary interest was how this process for selecting and developing the squad’s 27 players began: the try-outs.

“It started by detailed written application, and had to include a derby reference”, she said. “From the ‘get go’, the selection panel made it clear that there was (and is/will be) a lot involved in being a part of the Team (if successful).

“From there, a selection of skaters were invited to the practical/physical tryouts [which were] held in Canberra and Brisbane.” Mad Mel attended the latter try-outs up in the sunshine state, where there were “approximately 23 of the top derby girls from around the country [participating]”. Read More…

Wednesday December 04, 2013

Team Australia announces line-up for World Cup 2014

MELBOURNE, Australia –  On Wednesday 4th December, Team Australia announced, to wide acclaim, the line-up of the nation’s best skaters who will compete in the upcoming Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup. The announcement was made exactly one year before the event is to begin in Dallas, taking place over 4 days in December, 2014.

The 27 skaters on the roster are as follows:

Blue Wrenegade 2880 ADRD
Colonel KAOS! 601 ADRD
Kit Cat Krunch 9 Lives ADRD
Chop Chop 117 BCR
Susy Pow TOP5 Charm City
Bambi von Smash’er 411 CRDL
Shaggle Frock 77 CRDL
ShortStop 6 CRDL
Annabelle Lecter 8 NBR
Beth Adder 20 NBR
Brutal Deluxe 76 NBR
Lil Gee Unit 41 NBR
Christy Demons 14 PCRD
Freyda Cox 50X SRDL
Blockodile Dundee 411 SSRG
Cookie Cutter 45 SSRG
Dodge&Bolt 58 SSRG
Lady Killer 11 SSRG
Muzzarati 28 SSRG
Polly Crackers 8 SSRG
Rose Ruin 12 SSRG
Bicepsual 10 VRDL
Calamity Maim 4 VRDL
G-Banger 010 VRDL
Mad Mel Arena 505 VRDL
Tiger 782 VRDL
Tui Lyon 88 VRDL

Flamin’ Galah Bench Coach VRDL
Slawta Dawta Bench Manager SSRG
Cherry Axe-Wound Tour Manager CRDL Read More…

Thursday July 12, 2012

Family Ties (and Feuds) – a Review of Derby, Baby!

Derby Baby

Spend even a short time in the world of derby and it won’t take you long to observe that the sport is in constant movement even off the track. It’s growing at such a rapid pace and is attracting the attention of so many across a range of generations. Yet, it often struggles to shake off the yoke of the 1970s version of derby that your creepy uncle remembers.

It seems that derby is a bit cursed by its origins as a theatrical entertainment, and some might see both those origins, and the still-present subculture and style of derby, as thwarting any attempts it (maybe) makes to be recognised as a valid, complex sport. Read More…

Tuesday January 10, 2012

Useful Links

RDAUWe are putting together a comprehensive list of derby links and websites that offer derby news and information. We need your help!!!!

We have added a few – help us by leaving the link as a comment. Read More…

Wednesday December 28, 2011

2012 with Vaderella

VaderellaAdelaide Roller Derby’s Vaderella recently strapped on her skates for a special bootcamp hosted by the Western Sydney Rollers. After the six hour session, Vader had a quick chat to Max Manic and Roller Derby AU’s doom bug about her trip to Sydney and 2012.

doom bug: So what brings you to out Western Sydney?

I was very nicely asked to come over and spend some time with the girls. Like with any league, when you have the same trainers sometimes you get to the point where you just run out of ideas and need some fresh blood. So I’m bring the fresh blood, I’m bringing all the stuff I’ve learnt and putting it into the mixed lolly bag. Read More…

Monday December 05, 2011

DAY FOUR: Roller Derby World Cup

Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World CupAfter an amazing four day event – the first Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup has drawn to an end. Read More…

Sunday December 04, 2011

DAY THREE: Roller Derby World Cup

Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World CupOur amazing Team Australia have done it again – winning their 4th game in a row with a 126 – 80 score against Team Sweden. Back in Australia, derby talk leads to how well the girls are going and how proud we are of them all.  The Roller Derby World Cup continues to be a hot topic on facebook and around the country wherever derby folk are getting together.  Read More…

Saturday December 03, 2011

DAY TWO: Roller Derby World Cup

Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World CupTeam Australia continues on their win taking Team Scotland 151 – 48 (WATCH).

Words of support continue to flood facebook as the elimination bouts take Australia to Number 4!

The bout schedule will change so keep up to date here. Read More…

Friday December 02, 2011

DAY ONE: Roller Derby World Cup

Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World CupWhat a start to the very first Roller Derby World Cup!!! The Derby News Network (DNN) was overloaded by viewers around the world forcing the website to shut down. Messages flooded their facebook page as people were desperate to find out how the teams were going.  Read More…

Wednesday November 30, 2011

Susy Pow’s: World Cup NEWS

Susy PowIn t-minus 2 hours, Australia will hit the track for our first training session together. There are two days until our first game and we’re going to jam in as much training together as possible so that the hard work we’ve all put into this past 9 months comes to fruition with some excellent derby action. We’d love to hear that derby peeps are sitting back in Australia are watching us play, so don’t forget to leave a comment.

Also, if you have any recommendations on who you want me to interview and what you want to know then post that in the comments below. For instance, I’m so keen to ask Suzy Hotrod what Gotham have planned for the next 12 months because if it’s anything like the past year, it’s going to be explosive. Read More…