Tuesday December 01, 2015

Sunday October 02, 2011

ERRD Finals: Part Two

ERRD 2011Eastern Region Roller Derby Finals: Canberra Roller Derby League: Vice City Rollers vs Sydney Roller Derby League: The Assassins.

On a weekend filled with grand finals none was more exhilarating than the final of the Eastern Region Roller Derby Championship between Sydney’s Assassins and Canberra’s Vice City Rollers. With the Assassin’s determined to defend their title, both teams fought fearlessly!

Team Australia and Canberra’s Bambi von Smash’er lined up head to head with fellow Team Australia skater Haterade of Sydney Roller Derby. With a fast pack Haterade barrelled through the Vice City defence just in front of Bambi. Hot on Hater’s trail, Bambi reaches the back of the pack as Haterade calls the jam after scoring a 3 quick points.

The second Team Australia representative for CRDL, ShortStop took to the jammer line against
Captain Ratz for the second jam. Short Stop was quick off the line, charging through the Assassins with Ratz close behind. Within seconds the jammers were on the pack, ShortStop ran past all the Assassin blockers before calling the jam. The crowd yet to realise that this was the first of many raids by the lighting fast Canberra jammer.
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Monday September 12, 2011

Team Australia: AmyKazeee

gss-beata-english-photographyName: AmyKazeee (car-ze)

League: Canberra Roller Derby League

Teams: Surly Griffins, Vice City Rollers

When did you start playing roller derby?

2008 when CRDL kicked off.

Did you have any prior skating/athletic experience?  

Nope, none.

What has been your biggest challenge in becoming the athlete you are today?

Probably balancing life to be honest. Fitting in husband, kids, training, league stuff and work  is super hard at times.  My family (this includes the league) have been amazing in supporting me and helping to make it work. Read More…